Are john cena and maria dating

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He has previously spoken about being reluctant to get married again or have kids, the Washington Post reported. reality series Total Divas, was asked on the talk show The Real in October 2016 if Cena would propose. The past year he's actually talked about that he's open to marriage, so of course like my hopes go way through the roof.'So, he's like "Oh, let's go have this romantic dinner, and I'm like "This is it."John told Nikki in an episode of Total Divas, a clip of which was posted to You Tube in June 2016: 'Would I love to marry you?

Absolutely.'I love you, and I love you more than I've loved anyone in my entire life.''What I'm afraid of - and this is the one thing I am very much afraid of - if we were to get married tomorrow, and then you come to the conclusion that you want children, you know where I stand.''In no way would I ask you to sacrifice anything for me,' he said at the time.

Nikki Bella has been dating John Cena since back in 2012, which has led to many whispers that her relationship has given her a helping hand in her WWE career.

A two-time WWE Divas Champion, her second reign of 301 days is recognised as the longest in the belt's history, beating AJ Lee's previous 295-day record.

Newly engaged Nikki Bella's revealed that she and her fiancé John Cena won't be having children and said it was he who'd made the call.

Asked whether the patter of little feet might be in her future, she told TMZ: I’ve been getting that question a lot, let me tell you.

John proposed to Nikki after the duo defeated foes The Miz and Maryse, who are a married couple in real life, in a tag team match during Wrestle Mania 33 in Orlando Florida.

“It’s gonna be great, just because in WWE so much of our audience is kids and families, and to be able to do an event like the KCAs…

Usually Roman Reigns not appearing on an episode of Monday Night Raw would be seen as a positive for anti-Big Dawg fans.

The couple made an appearance on the Today show on Monday where the actor said he'd been waiting 'a long time' to propose.

Asked about his comments in the past about not wanting to get married again, John explained why he changed his mind.'I found the absolute right person, I found a strong person I consider an inspiration, an equal, somebody who when I'm feeling down picks me up.'It took a person that strong to change my view on life.' he added.

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