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To filter your images you click the button called “effect” and the filters are organised into categories: The magic skin filters are a really great way to make your skin look bright and white.You become like instant ULLZANG I swear it’s so awesome 🙂 I have used some filters on my picture so you can see the difference 🙂 The light color filters are awesome – my favourite one in this collection is sweet.I get a lot of questions on my instagram about what apps I use for my photos, and to celebrate 10,000 followers on my instagram I thought I’d do a post explaining what apps I use and how I use them.This week I’ll be introducing my go to app for filter effects.I also want to dedicate this post to my 10,000th follower @oneclickwonders 🙂 Keep in mind that most images I post are selca’s or camwhore shots of my face, outfit shots or shots of random cute objects – so this probably wont be very useful for you if you post pics of scenery or stuff like that because I don’t really have much of a clue.But if you are interested in making yourself and your stuff look cute – read on 🙂 For the purpose of showing you the difference between filters, I will be using this picture: So I have a few apps I use like every time I post up a picture, these are like my full on staples because they are just THAT awesome.

PHOTO EFFECT THEMES Ordinary days can get extraordinary with Rookie Cam.

I may also add the instagram filters on top if it looks good.

I believe this app is a Chinese app because it connects to QQ friends which is a Chinese chat thing, but everything is in English – thank goodness 😛 I’ve tried Chinese apps in Chinese before and all I did was make my face uglier cos I had no idea what I was doing…

If you want to have a play, you can also try layering filters.

Whether you export the filtered image and then layer on another instagram filter before you post or you can export the filtered image, reimport it and layer another camera 360 filter on top is an option too.

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