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You may be able to qualify for a lower rate, or a shorter or longer loan term, depending on your situation.

Explore refinancing options today to find out if they might be right for you.

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Whether you need to lower your monthly payments, or you’d like to pay less interest over time, refinancing your loan may be a good option.

New customers can visit a branch to get the process started.

(The bank has more than 8,600 branches.) Wells Fargo conducts a hard credit check when you apply, which can affect your credit score.

I was under the impression from the Loan Disclosure form and the promissory note that if I didn't like the terms I was under no obligation!

With this cash-out refinancing option, you refinance your original loan and receive additional funds that you can use to consolidate debt, meet unexpected expenses, or pay for large purchases.

So Fi is a large online lender that offers comparable loan amounts.

See how Wells Fargo stacks up in the table below: Only existing customers can apply for and receive funds on Wells Fargo’s website.

I applied to Wells Fargo and submitted the signed promissory note.

1 Week after I had faxed over the promissory note I received a Loan Disclosure form saying I had been approved and the funds had been sent to Sallie Mae.

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