Dating dog friends friendship

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When her diabetic owner had a seizure and collapsed, a Beagle named Belle jumped into action.

She dialed 911 for her owner by biting into his cell phone so he was able to get the medical attention he needed.

As a family solicitor I often see women who are at a cross roads in their life, re-assessing their lives or simply wish to expand their social circle when the impact of separation or divorce changes so many aspects including friendships, through no particular reason or person's fault.

togetherfriends provides a completely different, unique and unobtrusive platform for women to rebuild themselves and start a new chapter”Fiona Moore, Family Solicitor and Mediator, Moore Family Law “It can be really hard to know where to start making friends if you move to a new area.

Throughout history, there have been numerous stories of dogs displaying great valor in order to protect, save or remain alongside their owners.

We've made a list of what we believe are the top 12 loyal dog breeds.

As a working dog breed, German Shepherds are naturally loyal and bond well with familiar faces.

They have a tendency to become overprotective of their family and territory, strong guidance and training is a necessity.

The modern breed has its origins in Great Britain but has even been mentioned in references dating back to Ancient Greece. They are pack animals and for this reason, they are very attached to their owners.

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Originating from Hungarian roots, this breed was known to guard livestock.

In recent years, Kuvasz's have served well as house pets.

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