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It isn’t just sex that can get teens in trouble when it comes to their smartphones, either.There’s a tendency to treat things said in a virtual space as not real; that saying something to someone online is somehow different than saying it to them in person.People on social media were quick to voice their views about the advert, as it aired in the UK in December last year.A Twitter user wrote: 'So the Kaspersky advert promotes sending nudes from a girl who looks no older than 15 - good one!Most of us look at a smartphone, and we see a piece of plastic with an Internet connection.

In Texas, a law passed in 2011 , SB 407, imposes harsh consequences for teens.

For example, adults sexting each other, or sending nude images to one another, might be a flirty way for adult couples to keep in touch.

Teens doing it, however, may be committing a crime.

An advert showing a young woman sending a topless photograph to her partner has been banned for suggesting to children that sexting is normal.

The commercial, promoting cybersecurity multinational Kaspersky Lab UK, signalled its software made sexting safe by protecting the images from third party users.

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