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Yet in cybersex they are not actually dealing with a real partner and their needs.

Cybersex addicts’ heads can become full of images that cannot be matched by their real life partner.

Sexual activities can be arranged online to be carried out offline, i.e.

dates, sexual liaisons, prostitution, massage parlors. Sexual activity may take place with people who are anonymous or about whom you have some knowledge.

Most people can use the internet including for sexual purposes without being obsessed and compulsive, managing their use with little difficulty while continuing to maintain a reasonably balanced life and without negative consequences.

Back to top Estimates are that about 15 % of people in the United States using the internet for sexual purposes do have problems with their cybersex activities.

Approximately 6% or about 9 million of these users are sexually addicted and another 10% or about 15 million are using cybersex in ways that are risky and showing signs of compulsivity.

The danger lies in how easily available and quickly addictive it is even for people with no sexual problems prior to their cybersex involvement.

Back to top There are a wide range of cybersex activities.

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