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While some women dating married men may find happiness eventually, most of these relationships end up leaving you feeling lonely, used and neglected.

A relationship exists because of mutual trust and commitment.

I also know that I am his second priority, but I am so emotionally attached to him that I'm not even being able to find an eligible man for myself and get married." Agreeing with Samvedna, Rashi (name changed on request), who is a marketing professional in Delhi adds, "I am dating a man who I know through work. Recently, he confessed to me that he's married and is not happy with his present relationship.

He said he doesn't want to cheat on me, but can't divorce his wife either.

It is important to evaluate and assess the benefits and drawbacks of such a relationship.

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" "At times, an unfulfilled desire or a common need can bring two people closer.In extra-marital affairs, you can't expect to get any of these.Most women know it by instinct, but not surprisingly many fall for it.Samvedna Thakur (name changed on request), 27, who works in an advertising agency in Delhi claims, "I have been dating a married man for the last two years. I've tried to break up with him several times but have failed in doing so.I am aware of the consequences if his wife finds out about our relationship.

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