How to tell if i am dating a narcissist

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For instance, I told my most recent narci that I love going to the movies. The narcissist does not want to be mean, necessarily.He just wants the world to revolve around him and his desires, his activities.The narcissist, as one person put it, can seem, “like a werewolf”.I attended a parade with a narci once, and he told me that he could picture himself being Grand Marshal one day.And be forewarned, when the well runs dry, he will have no more use for you.If a narcissist finds out what you like, he is sure to take it away from you. I suspect this is more a “dog in the manger” thing than intentional cruelty.

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I like telling people I love them, and the compulsion is very strong when I feel that way.

Most of us are happy to oblige someone these things.

But Narci will keep taking from you without filling your well.

If it is something you want, it isn’t something he wants, and therefore not worth his time.

If you have made the horrible mistake of telling a narcissist you love him, beware. Because he is actually filled with self-loathing, Narci has contempt for those who love him.

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