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moreover given the setting of rig veda and its focus on horse sacrifice and iron littugurcical objects its most likely that ivc was already dead by the time aryans arrived thanks to climactic factors.

they might have tried but indus valley didn’t influence whole of india and they did not come from russia and indus valley civilisation were aryas there is no difference between aryas and so called dravidian except language and vedas is not history book but you can see knowledge and influence of indus valley civilisation but many have even said vedas may date before indus valley civilisation..

the european people, or those of a close enough racial origin, Have existed for around 40,000 years, of which christianity has only.

and all places mentioned in the vedas are found in india.

indo-iranians also pose a significant question since they too mention only the hapta-hendu as the original land.

once the rubble of false assumptions was cleared away, a far more simple scientific picture of the origins of ancient north indian civilization began to emerge.[8] [3] based on this, oak claims that both christianity and islam allegedly originated as distortions of "vedic" beliefs..

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