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However, this can be split into 2 breaks, the first being at least 15 minutes, and the second being at least 30 minutes in length. The daily driving time may be extended to at most 10 hours not more than twice during the week. In addition to this, a driver cannot exceed 90 hours driving in a fortnight.Within each period of 24 hours after the end of the previous daily rest period or weekly rest period a driver must take a new daily rest period.In any 7 day period, a driver must spend 24 hours away from his/her vehicle.Truck drivers must complete a logbook documenting hours and kilometres spent driving.The first period must be at least 3 hours of uninterrupted rest and can be taken at any time during the day.The second must be at least 9 hours of uninterrupted rest, giving a total minimum rest of 12 hours.

A bunk or couchette must be available during the rest period.

In Canada, driver hours of service regulations are enforced for any driver who operates a "truck, tractor, trailer or any combination of them that has a gross vehicle weight in excess of 4,500 kg or a bus that is designed and constructed to have a designated seating capacity of more than 24 persons, including the driver".

However, there are two sets of hours of service rules, one for above 60th parallel north, and one for below.

A regular daily rest period may be interrupted no more than twice, but the total interruption must not exceed 1 hour in total.

This allows for a vehicle to be driven on to a ferry and off again at the end of the crossing.

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