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Butt said she relied on her faith and the Bible to guide her parenting.

While she's officially a member of the Church of Christ, Butt describes herself simply as a "Bible-believing Christian."Sheila and Stan moved to Columbia in 1985.

Butt says a man's heart is more important than the color of his skin.

Then she pivots, arguing it's important to decide if dating someone of another race is "expedient.""Because some people still, I suppose, have that shallow attitude.

They owned a Chrysler-Plymouth dealership for a time, but Stan's now the preacher at Anderson Bend Church of Christ in Hickman County. She wrote "Everyday Princess" in 2008, but said she stands by her comments.

When she's not in Nashville, Sheila works as a motivational speaker. In the book she discusses views on a broad swath of issues.

It's been a rough year for Kingsport, Tenn., pastor Boyd Holder, who was accused of engaging in sexual activity with a man while in a church van, also accused of assaulting a congregant, and just indicted last week on charges of stealing over ,000 from the church he led.

Holder, who bonded out of jail, denies laundering money from the Victory Apostolic Church even though several members of the congregation said a big chunk of funds went missing; Holder managed the money at Victory Apostolic before the arrest.

"I guess I'm offended that all of these things are predicated on something that they, apparently, the (House) Black Caucus, thinks I said or thinks I thought or thinks I insinuated.

"Needless to say, I decided that night that I would not be dancing at parties anymore," Butt wrote. They married, and Sheila left school after one year to start working.

After having sons Stan Jr., Cliff and Kyle with her husband and moving to Blountville, Butt returned to college at East Tennessee State University.

Her mother hailed from Florida, so the family decided Tennessee was a nice spot in the middle.

Although Butt said her mother, a "domestic engineer" for Butt and her four siblings, had "strong faith," the family never participated in organized religion.

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