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Therefore, in this case, we do not revisit the arbitrator's factual findings, interpretation of the CBA, or ultimate conclusion that the State Patrol violated the CBA in its termination of Henderson's employment.

Nor do we revisit the arbitrator's discussion of constitutional issues, although his conclusions on those issues are highly suspect.

Schneider, of Knaggs, Harter, Brake & Schneider, P. When Robert Henderson, a veteran trooper of the Nebraska State Patrol, joined the Ku Klux Klan, he voluntarily associated himself with an organization that is expressly opposed to Nebraska's founding principles.

The State Patrol, pursuant to Nebraska's Uniform Arbitration Act, The district court granted the application to vacate the award, finding that the award violated “a well-defined and dominant public policy of this state.” Henderson and SLEBC appeal.

ASSIGNMENT OF ERRORHenderson and SLEBC assign, restated and consolidated, that the district court erred in vacating the arbitrator's award and instead should have confirmed the award.

Arbitration in Nebraska is governed by the Federal Arbitration Act if it arises from a contract involving interstate commerce In this case, there is no claim that the transaction involved interstate commerce, so Nebraska law applies.

We note, however, that because the applicable provisions of the Uniform Arbitration Act and the Federal Arbitration Act are similar, we look to federal case law explaining the scope of judicial review of arbitration awards.

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