Validating a wsdl

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The processing of the received messages is by computer only, and is not normally intended for human interpretation.That is exactly what Web services are all about, except that they did not have XML, the Internet, or the World Wide Web back in the mid-1960s.Yet, we've already purchased Oxygen, so now we're looking to get comparable validation capabilities in Oxygen.

The problem was that the files didn't work as expected, yet Oxygen thinks they're valid.You could face even worse situations where you receive valid SOAP response messages from Web Services servers without any error messages but both you and Web Services servers do not realize problems in your SOAP request messages and SOAP response messages.For example, you request a stock quote of company B at a given moment but you misspell tags and send a SOAP message to a Web Services server.If something is wrong in a SOAP message, you will receive a HTTP response code: 500 from a Web Service server.Web Services servers do not provide you with detailed information about which part of your SOAP message has problems.

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