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Sursok was glad that her character was written out of the show without anything bad happening to her.Dani was introduced to Home and Away along with her family, who came to Summer Bay to take over the running of the local caravan park.Sursok told a TV Week reporter, "She thinks she has to sort it out.She goes back to the prison even though she doesn't want to. But she has to go there and figure it out for herself." Dani, her mother, father and two younger sisters move to Summer Bay to take over the running of the local caravan park.Dani's first major storyline occurred in 2001, when she was raped by Kane Phillips (Sam Atwell).Sursok called the assault the worst thing that had ever happened to her character.After four years in the role, Sursok made the decision to leave Home and Away in 2004 to pursue a music career and other acting opportunities and as a result Dani departed the series on 12 November 2004.She later explained that she had also become frustrated with the serial's producers.

She made her first screen appearance as Dani during the episode broadcast on 19 June 2000.

Dani was later forced to take on the responsibility of looking after her younger sisters when her parents began to work long hours.

She started to resent Shelley's job as a social worker and began to revolt.

Sursok told Inside Soap's Jason Herbison "After Dani kisses Kane, she knows it's wrong and decides not to take it any further.

The problem is, Kane really wants Dani, and he won't take no for an answer." Sursok said "For me as an actor the rape storyline was really good, but unfortunately they ended up cutting everything and we had to re-shoot the whole thing because it was too emotional and too intense." Dani later injures Kane after she hits him with her car and she is sent to prison when she is found guilty of attempted murder.

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