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Another popular destination for older women, also known as cougars, to seek out younger men on must not forget all of the great one of a kind tourist locations the great city of New York has to offer such as those that follow.

Most important don’t forget to stop in and visit all five boroughs for the ultimate adventure.

One of the first things asked is: what is it about dating younger men that attracts older women?

Another favorite question is: why do so many older women these days appear to be looking for younger men?

Thus no matter if one is a cougar seeking a cub or a cub seeking a cougar, New York is the place to be for fun and excitement.

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Local New York cougars love to talk about themselves and highlight their many accomplishments.

Often younger men have a tough time coming up with the perfect date ideas to intrigue their cougar and make them smile, be happy, and have a great time.

One key for younger men to remember is that cougars are often very busy and their time is of the utmost value and importance.

Alcohol can not only affect our judgement but also our inhibitions.

Clubs may be a better option if you are looking for a fun fling, but not so great if you are hoping to meet a long-term partner.2. Most towns have a sports team of some kind and home games are a great place to find a lot of local guys in one place at one time.

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